About This Site

This site includes reports from every meeting of the National Executive Committee and the National Policy Forum from 1999 to the present day.  A guide to policy-making processes is at  NPF Guide January 2018.

This year members will elect representatives to the nine NEC constituency places.  Nominations open on 31 January 2018 and close on 22 June 2018, with an all-member ballot following.   I thank you for your support through eighteen turbulent years, and ask your constituency to give me one of your nine nominations.  You are welcome to download and circulate the flyer at nec-annblack-2018 and my letter to CLP secretaries at nec-2018-annblack-clpletter.

I am standing, as always, as an experienced, accountable and hardworking local representative.  No other NEC member has a comparable record of transparency and openness.

For 18 years I’ve been part of the centre-left grassroots alliance, which represented democratic socialist groups across the centre and left of the party and allowed individual candidates to retain freedom of judgment on specific issues while working for common principles of policy and party organisation.

That broad coalition no longer exists, and this year I am standing as an independent. My personal politics remain on the left, and I am delighted to have a leader who shares them. However I have always tried to listen and to represent all views, and I believe that every member has the right to be heard with respect, not treated as the enemy within, particularly in these polarised times.

If you agree, then please use your vote to nominate an experienced and influential voice.   If you lean towards Jon Lansman’s Momentum, or towards Progress / Labour First, ask yourself if the individual candidates will deliver what I deliver, and if there is space within the nine for someone whose first allegiance is not to any faction, but to you, the members.    And if there’s anything you’d like to know, just ask.

To send questions or comments, or to sign up for future NEC and NPF reports by email, please contact me directly at annblack50@btinternet.com, annblack2001@gmail.com, 07956-637958.

Ann Black, NEC constituency representative