Ann Black, Left Independent Candidate, NEC 2020


Latest:  Nominations have closed, and the ballot opens on 19 October.  With backing from 302 CLPs – two-thirds of those who nominated – read my reflections at half-time here


My speech to the Open Labour Rally, Connected, 21 September 2020 is here.


For 18 years I represented members on the NEC as part of the centre-left grassroots alliance.  During that time I consistently voted against Iraq, Trident, privatisation and for housing, public services and decent pensions and benefits.  I also

  • Achieved OMOV elections to the national policy forum
  • Helped to get Diane Abbott on the 2010 leadership ballot
  • Voted to include Jeremy Corbyn in 2016, and against a 6-month qualifying period for members to participate
  • Reported on every meeting of the NEC and the National Policy Forum from 1999 to 2018.

Please see reports and think about how much you’ve heard from the NEC, or not, since then.

That broad coalition ended two years ago, and I ran as a left independent candidate.  I was nominated by 179 constituencies, but lost in the ballot.  I am now standing again, still committed to accountability, members’ rights and a left policy agenda.  Please ask your CLP to consider nominating me – a letter for CLPs is here, and a flyer is here.

On the NEC I Will Work To

  1. Support the democratically-elected leadership. I will be loyal to Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, as I was to all previous leaders.  I will also support Labour councillors through tough times not of their own making.
  2. Keep in touch. I will report on every meeting, consult widely and visit local parties, online or in person.
  3. Extend party democracy. Restore full decision-making powers to local parties, with a continuing role for online participation to include those with disabilities, caring responsibilities or lack of transport, and value the volunteers who keep the party alive.
  4. Build on the 2017 and 2019 manifestos towards a popular socialist programme. The national policy forum needs reforming, to involve every member and reach out to the community
  5. Allow local parties to choose their candidates. From June 2017 CLPs were begging to select parliamentary candidates.  Many were still waiting when the 2019 election was called, and again had candidates imposed.
  6. Review membership subscriptions and give local parties a fair share. The system agreed in 2011 is broken.  In 2018 the NEC promised a full review.  It’s time to deliver.
  7. Revive the women’s conference. I steered the women’s conference to a free-standing event in 2019.  Sadly 2020 slipped off the agenda.  I will bring it back, again.

Please contact me at, or 07956-637958 with any ideas, comments or questions.