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South East Regional Executive Committee, 19 May 2020

Regional executive members gathered on Zoom for an informal update.  Like local parties we were not able to make decisions, but it was a useful opportunity to catch up and share experiences.  Most of us, including myself, expressed frustration on behalf of our members, and when councils, Labour groups and the NEC itself are meeting, […]

South East Regional Executive Committee, 15 February 2020

This was the first meeting since the general election. Back in September the committee asked the NEC to allow all CLPs to select parliamentary candidates, with a shortened process for non-Labour seats, but sadly we were ignored. Instead the NEC prioritised trigger ballots for sitting MPs. When Labour voted for a December election, 62 south-east […]

Annual Conference, September 2019

Bird’s Eye View  After three years attending conference as a constituency delegate, two years as a national policy forum representative and 18 years on the NEC, this time I watched as a visitor from high in the balcony.  I was proud of our delegates from Oxford East and Oxford West & Abingdon, all of whom […]

South East Regional Board, 15 June 2019

The meeting welcomed Ellie Buck, acting regional director while Amy Fode is on maternity leave. Carol Hayton and Joyce Still, national policy forum representatives, encouraged members to engage with the current consultation process, while recognising that the deadline of 30 June gave little time. They offered to visit local parties to assist with discussion. Rosie […]

South East Regional Board, 16 March 2019

The meeting opened with a minute’s silence for the victims of the horrific massacres in New Zealand. John Howarth then gave what may or may not be his final report as an MEP. He said that the whole Brexit process had been a long lesson in how not to negotiate. Up to two months ago […]

South East Regional Board, 8 December 2018

The first meeting of the new board elected at the regional conference ran for four hours, and I was glad I had brought sandwiches. The first hour was spent on electing a Chair: after two ballots Lisa Fricker and Vince Maple each had 12 votes. The rules are silent on how to break a tie, […]

NEC at Conference 2018

Party conferences are best judged by those watching at home, so I am interested in your impressions whether or not you were there. The mainstream media were unusually positive, highlighting policies which strike a popular chord on childcare, workers’ rights, green energy and housing, the party relatively united and Jeremy firmly in charge, laying down […]

NEC Meeting, 18 September 2018

The full NEC election results showed 506,320 eligible members casting 164,580 votes (118,594 by email and 45,986 by post) with 1,131 invalid or blank, giving 163,449 valid votes and a turnout of 32.5%. The End Is Nigh As I walked up from Victoria station to party HQ for the last time, my primary emotion was […]

NEC Meeting, 4 September 2018

The NEC was preceded by a disputes panel which cleared the cases remaining after two smaller panels had spent twelve hours working through outstanding referrals. The backlog had built up due to pressures on investigating officers, the absence of a Chair for four months, and the failure to convene extra meetings in May and July […]