Yearly Archives: 2001

NEC Meeting, 27 November 2001

Tuesday 27 November was also Gordon Brown’s Pre-Budget Day, with much to cheer Labour supporters. Before briefing the Cabinet, Tony Blair addressed the NEC. He said that military action in Afghanistan had achieved most of its aims and should reach a successful conclusion within weeks. The emphasis could then shift to humanitarian relief and reconstruction. […]

National Policy Forum, 10 November 2001

Most of the day was spent planning the next cycle of policy-making through to a general election in 2005 or 2006. The process remains broadly the same, with a three-year review of all areas in two overlapping two-year tranches. In the first year on each subject discussion should look outward, drawing on the experience of […]

NEC Meeting, 18 September 2001

Last week’s terrible events overshadowed the meeting. As we stood in silence to remember Jimmy Knapp and other former comrades, we thought also of the thousands of ordinary Americans who died. Tony Blair was talking with African leaders before a hectic round of global diplomacy, and Deputy Leader John Prescott attended on his behalf. He […]

National Policy Forum, 28 July 2001

The Forum completed its three-year review in July 2000, and a new rolling programme will begin next year. The papers for this meeting drew on the manifesto and focused on delivering the pledges made on 7 June. They had no formal status, but the Forum was invited to comment before they go to Conference, where […]

NEC Meeting, 24 July 2001

The National Executive Committee’s first task was to choose a new General Secretary, and David Triesman, current General Secretary of the Association of University Teachers, was appointed. Tributes were paid to Margaret McDonagh for fifteen years’ dedication to the party. Tony Blair opened the main meeting, with Gordon Brown and Douglas Alexander reporting on the […]

NEC Meeting, 27 March 2001

Foot-and-mouth heads the nation’s agenda, and Tony Blair gave an update to the NEC. Some areas remained disease-free, and those with only a handful of cases should now be safe. Vaccination was being considered, together with slaughter of neighbouring herds, to contain the major outbreaks in Cumbria, Devon, and perhaps Northumberland and Durham and the […]

NEC Meeting, 23 January 2001

The run-up to the election continues to gather pace. Tony Blair and Ian McCartney stressed the need to mobilise activists and supporters, and Peter Mandelson outlined campaign plans, with no hint of his impending resignation. Tony Blair pointed out that economic stability deserves more recognition. For a Labour government, mortgage rates at half the Tory […]