“Ann has been standing up for socialism and members’ interests within the Labour Party for decades. I can’t think of anyone who has worked harder to ensure that all our members have their voices heard without fear or favour – going beyond any cliques or factions. She has also been a democratising presence on our NEC, producing full, clear and unbiased reports on every meeting. I very much hope that members will support her to once again be a strong voice for all parts of the Labour membership.”

Anneliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East, John McDonnell’s shadow financial secretary 2017 – 2020, shadow chancellor 2020 

“Ann kept us all informed in a straightforward honest and balanced way of discussions at NEC on the whole range of issues. She asked us our views. She should be back on the NEC!”

Jill Lake, member, Reading East CLP

“As a member of Momentum keen to reach out across internal divisions, I’ll be giving one of my votes to Ann Black, whose balanced, intelligent reports from the NEC always contributed to constructive socialist debate.”

Nick Palmer, Chair SW Surrey CLP (personal capacity), MP for Broxtowe 1997-2010

 “I’m more than happy that you’re standing for the NEC again!   I fondly recall receiving your regular briefings on NEC meetings  —  which nobody else seems to be doing nowadays  —  with its meticulous details, transparent authenticity, and objective balance. And your consistent and decades-long voting pattern for our Centre-Left proposals/policies are unquestionable.”

Andy Ray, Ex/First Ethnic Minorities Officer & Founder of BAME Forum at Wimbledon CLP 

“Ann has always been a champion of members’ voices and concerns, unafraid to speak truth to power but – crucially – always in the spirit of comradeship and understanding that our opponents are outside the party and wear blue rosettes not red. Her experience on the NEC (check out her impressive track record of achievements) is exactly the kind of input we need as we move forward to 2024 where we simply cannot lose again. I can personally testify to Ann’s dedication, her support for those keen to be involved in the party and her determination to ensure every CLP not just marginal seats are treated with the respect they deserve. I’ll be putting Ann 1st on my ballot and I hope she’ll have your support too.”

Jonny Roberts, former Parliamentary Candidate (Newbury 2015 and Wantage 2019)

“I am delighted to endorse Ann. When she was a member of the NEC previously she was extremely hard working and diligently represented the views of members and reported back to members and CLPs regularly, also taking time to respond to concerns of individual members. She is not wedded to any factions, her motivation is doing the best for members and the  Labour Party. She has my vote and I will be encouraging others to do likewise.”

Sue Polydorou , former parliamentary candidate (Orpington 1997, Bromley and Chislehurst 2001) and former Chair of Orpington CLP

“I worked with Ann for many years on the NEC as one of the two MP elected representatives from the PLP.  I endorse her nomination this time.   Hers is an independence which holds the respect of everyone committed to Labours socialist principles. As a former member, she conscientiously gave detailed members’ briefings to all members of every NEC meeting.   She listens to what members say and that way keeps in close touch with them so that they are heard clearly by the Leadership.  Her hard work on committees, both nationally and locally in Oxford is legendary, and her Party loyalty is unwavering, as she puts that ahead of any personal preferment.”

Helen Jackson CBE, former MP (Sheffield Hillsborough)

“I am really pleased to see Ann standing for the NEC again. I’ve supported her in the past as much for her even-handed and thorough reporting of NEC matters as her own strong political positions. We need her and more like her if we are to get beyond the present desperate times.”

Dr Margaret Sheehy, Hastings & Rye CLP

“Ann Black’s commitment to the Labour Party has lasted for decades – she has worked tirelessly to promote socialism, not just at a national level but also the more down-to-earth tasks of door knocking and leafletting. As a result she has a well-founded knowledge of what ordinary people want from the Labour Party. When on the NEC previously she ensured that members of the Labour Party were kept fully informed of NEC discussions with regular clear and incisive accounts emailed to anyone interested. She focused on maintaining democracy within our party and her measured and well-argued views always came across well in the media. As we move towards the next general election Ann Black is the best NEC candidate to help us gain victory. I have no hesitation in voting for Ann and recommend everyone else does so too.”

Linet Arthur, Oxford East

“I would like to give my wholehearted support for your election back onto the NEC. I know of no one who works harder for the party in Oxford and throughout the country and you have brought thought, fairness and wisdom to everything that you do. I have every confidence that, in building the party to ensure the maximum effort to defeat this awful government, your return to the NEC is vital.”

Donal McCay, member, Oxford West & Abingdon

 “For me you’ve always been open, collaborative, patient and wanting to represent, rather than further your own interests. And kind.”

Jamie Audsley, member

“As a former long standing CLP secretary in a marginal seat (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland), I always appreciated Ann’s help in sorting out bureaucratic wrinkles that needed sorting out, and help on constructional issues.  I know that if she gets back on in this years contest, she’ll take up the reins vigorously, for all CLP’s without fear or favour or needing to horse trade with any factions from any direction.”

David Walsh, Redcar CLP.   Former Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Services, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

“I have known Ann Black for very many years, she is a principled Labour Party member, unashamedly of the left in policy terms but always standing up for the rights of all Party members. During her time on the NEC her reporting back to members was exemplary, she travelled around the country meeting members personally and  gave a comprehensive written report after every NEC meeting.  She always explained her reasons for voting the way she did and gave a flavour of the mood of the meetings. She’s an absolute diamond and has my unreserved support.”

Sarah McCarthy-Fry, Labour & Co-operative MP Portsmouth North 2005-2010, Chair South West Region Labour Party 1995-1999

“As a CLP secretary I valued Ann’s consistent, regular reports from the NEC, reports that were comprehensive, concise and helpful. This has been sadly lacking since Ann has not been on the NEC, in spite of regular requests for reports to be sent to CLP secs.

Ann visited our CLP which was a long way to come (we are in the far north of the country); one of the few to take up our invitation. A meeting which gave us a clear idea of the CLP reps role on the NEC, of relevant issues and of the work of the NEC as a whole.

The NEC needs such members – Ann is one who understands CLP secs, understands the work involved, understands how important communication is and seen as non-factional.”

Penny Henderson, secretary, Westmorland and Lonsdale CLP

“I am delighted to hear that you are re-standing for the NEC.  It is vital that we have members who are committed to changing the country for the better and who would work for a Labour victory worthy of the name and not just keeping the seat warm until the Tories find someone competent and electable again.”

Andrew Bosi, Chair Canonbury Ward Labour Party, Islington South (in a personal capacity).

“I had my first experience of canvassing in 1945 (as a teenager, not having a vote), and have participated in some way in every general election since, though my mobility is now reduced.  I have stuck with the Party through thick and thin, from Attlee to Miliband, via Wilson, Kinnock, Blair(!) et al, and on to Corbyn and now Starmer; from George Brown to Gordon Brown, without ever equating that loyalty to “my party (or my faction) right or wrong”.

I have never liked the crude categorisations “Left” and “Right”. Although in recent years I have tended to support the Grass Roots Alliance candidates (usually including Ann Black) and most recently Momentum, this has never been uncritically. Slates of candidates may sometimes be necessary to assist in making decisions in the absence of personal knowledge of candidates, but they are always to be treated with caution.

Even when Ann Black was on the Grass Roots Alliance slate, she retained her integrity and independence of mind. I cannot guarantee that I will always agree with her on every issue, but I strongly endorse her candidacy as a principled, hard-working socialist with qualities that are greatly needed today.”

Frank Jackson, Harlow CLP

“I’ve known Ann since we both fought on the 1987 campaign and won Oxford East for the first time. We haven’t always agreed on policy detail, or tactics, but that is as it should be – we debate and work together. What’s more important is that she is thoughtful, Labour to the core, fair, independent and keeps in touch with and acts on behalf of us ordinary members. That’s why I’ll be voting for her on the NEC and encourage you to do the same.”

Cllr Duncan Enright, Leader of the Labour and Co-op Group, West Oxfordshire District

“Wanted – a left of centre NEC member who is principled, constructive, disciplined, inclusive, supports participatory democracy, communicates well, is sufficiently pragmatic and is prepared to challenge bad ideas from any group. So pleased that someone who ticks all the boxes is putting herself forward again – please give your first preference to Ann Black.”

Cllr Jerry Fitzpatrick, LB Croydon

“Ann is an impressive Labour stalwart, not a member of any faction. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann when she spoke at an event in neighbouring Crewe & Nantwich constituency. I used to read her regular emailed NEC reports when she was an NEC member and I would like to see her back on the NEC so that I can receive her reports again.”

Sam Corcoran MA(Oxon), FCA, CTA (Fellow), Leader of Cheshire East Council

“I support Ann Black for a seat on the NEC. She has always been a progressive, independent left thinking voice on the NEC. She kept us fully informed on what happened on the NEC, a service we have missed since she left it.  The long overdue change in voting system, means that candidates with an independent mind, such as Ann, can now get elected.”

Keith Chesterton, Guildford, past Surrey CC and Guildford Borough councillor

“There has never been a more important time to have the independent voice Ann Black on the NEC.  Her reports were a model of fairness to all opinions and her willingness to answer questions about issues makes her outstanding.  In her contributions to debates on NEC she is incisive.  Her years of experience and attention to detail informs and helps steer the NEC to balanced conclusions. The most significant aspect is that she ‘listens’ to the arguments, and makes up her own mind on issues guided by mainstream Socialist principles.”

Martin Holst, member, Poole

“We have always supported Ann as a independent left candidate because she has never missed reporting back after NEC’s meetings in detail, making her actions transparent and accountable”

Carol & John Fray, Henley, members since 1973

“Ann represents everything that is good in the Labour movement, and I would urge everyone to support her in regaining her position on the NEC.

She has all the credentials to fulfil the criteria needed to represent the grassroots membership, and her socialist values, expertise and knowledge are the essential ingredients we need to represent all members of the Party.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Ann. Her integrity is beyond reproach.”

Frederick Ball, Stoke-on-Trent (South) CLP

” Ann has a very engaging and interactive approach to her political involvement. She has always kept members well informed which has been in sharp contrast with the usual lack of updates from some of our other representatives.”

David Byrne, Mid-Derbyshire CLP

“For years Ann’s reports from the NEC were a source of reliable, prompt, objective information, invaluable to members in the constituencies to know what was going on. She has always been an independent and courageous voice. I look forward to her return to the NEC.”

Mike Lewis, Secretary, Sheffield Central CLP (in a personal capacity)

“Ann has been for many years an independent socialist voice on the NEC whose contribution has been missed in the last two years. Her willingness to stand up fearlessly for what she believes in, her loyalty to several different leaders, her attention to detail and her reporting back have all been outstanding. I hope that Ann will be elected back on to the NEC and urge members to vote for her.”

Tony Eaude (Dr), Oxford East CLP

“Ann has been really missed since she lost her place on the NEC.  We have not been receiving the regular information that she used to provide after every meeting, enabling members to keep in touch with what our elected NEC members were doing and planning. In addition, we have lost a non-partisan, socialist member, not tied to any faction, free to speak her mind as she sees fit and tell us what her views are and why and how she votes.”

Roger Weetch, former Party organiser in Hertfordshire and then in Yorkshire Region.

  “Ann has been supporting members’ interests for decades, showing independent views which do not fit into any particular faction; but she is always able to listen to and represent the views of all members across the width of opinion in the Party. It is thanks to her that for years we have been fully and fairly informed of all the debates in NEC meetings – something that we miss at the moment.

I hope that she will be supported again this year to return to that role, and to be a strong independent and democratic voice in the NEC.”

David Blackman, member, Oxford East CLP, former Deputy General Secretary, European Parliament Socialist Group, 1976-1990

“I am delighted to support Ann as a candidate for the NEC. We worked closely together when I was shadow minister for women and equalities, including on developing the early plans for a standalone women’s conference, and she was a great source of support and advice, always there for me when I needed her. I am very proud to call her my friend.

Ann is a committed and principled socialist, who has given many years’ service to the Labour party. She is hardworking, and dedicated. I have never seen her cut corners or duck difficult decisions: she makes sure she is fully briefed, and approaches every issue with integrity, and a determination to treat everyone fairly. She is a tremendous credit to our party, and will be a great asset to the NEC.”

Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston

“I am thrilled to endorse Ann for the NEC – her track record on the NEC in previous years speaks for itself and she is a credit to our movement. For too long, factionalism and bad faith politics have driven a wedge through our party – but Ann has been consistently principled and motivated by her dedication to see the party thrive.

As a young woman in politics, Ann is someone I feel incredibly inspired by. From her aims to make the party more democratic, to her strong record on matters of social justice, Ann has proven from 2000-2018 on the NEC that she understands the issues that matter to members.

Only unity will bring power – and electing Ann back on to the NEC is the best way to unite our party.”

Lauren Davison, Totnes CLP Policy Officer & Open Labour member

“Ann was on the NEC for years and had a reputation for being a no-nonsense strong voice for the members, who regularly challenged the Leadership of the day as a true critical friend. Ann is solidly but sensibly on the left, non-factional, always helpful, always friendly and always fair.”

Cllr Peter Curling, Leader of Hillingdon Labour Group

“I have the privilege to work with Ann on the South East Regional Board and find her to be an incredibly hard-working, pragmatic and unbiased representative.

She is not afraid to have difficult conversations and is always willing to stand up for what is right, going beyond factions or cliques and ensuring members’ voices are heard.

I wholeheartedly Ann’s bid for the NEC and hope others will also provide their support. I know she will do an excellent job, as she has done so previously.”

Naushabah Khan, Medway Councillor, South East Regional Board, LGA Rep for the South East

 “Many years ago I met Ann Black at a fringe meeting at Bournemouth LP conference, and for some years I followed with interest her regular clear reports of NEC business. I felt comfortable with her position on various political issues, and I found her to be hard-working, and an excellent communicator, happy to consider seriously any feedback from individual LP members like me. She would be a continuing asset to the NEC.”

Kristin Barrett, Perth and North Perthshire CLP

“Ann Black replies to you, she tackles fairly and equitably the most thorny issues. Crucially  Ann believes that members should get open, transparent and independent reports about decision making within their own party. Her latest note on a regional executive meeting by Zoom in May 2020 tell me that she is still speaking up for the issues that my branch members are raising with me right now.

Ray Sutton, branch chair NW Leicestershire and former chair of Grimsby CLP

“I am delighted to endorse you for this election.”

Dermot Mckibbin, member for over 40 years, Vice-Chair Beckenham CLP and former Councillor

 “Ann Black is the very best of Labour – a dedicated and tireless campaigner with unrivalled experience and understanding of how our party works. The NEC should reflect our broad church membership, and Ann is uniquely placed to help make that happen in the least factional way. I can think of no better CLP rep for the NEC.”

Sam Talbot, Vice Chair (Membership), Walthamstow CLP

“Ann is exactly what the Labour NEC needs – she has always worked hard and listened to people across the Labour party.  As a member of the NEC she always did her best to ensure we were as effective and fair as possible as a party.  I know that I have valued her support and guidance from the time I first became involved in the party and I hope that her combination of experience and independence will win her a place back on the NEC,  I will be encouraging everyone to vote for her.”

Rachel Eden, Reading councillor, parliamentary candidate Reading West 2017 and 2019.

“Ann Black has been a totally committed member and supporter of the Labour Party for many years. During her time on the NEC she ensured, by sending us all very detailed and clear emails, that she kept members fully informed of all the NEC discussions  and decisions and I felt that I really knew what was going on.  I was very disappointed when she lost her place on the NEC and we were no longer kept informed and updated as we had become accustomed to.  We need Ann back on the NEC as she will again be able to make an invaluable contribution to debate and keeping us all informed again.

Gill Sanders, Oxfordshire County Councillor for Rose Hill and Littlemore, Littlemore Parish Councillor

“Ann should be back on the NEC – she is respected across the Party for her integrity, her hard work and her sheer love of the Labour Party. I have known her over many years through UNISON and the National Policy Forum – her principles and politics are passionately held, and she treats everyone with respect and fairness, exactly what we need to bring our Party together.”

Daniel Zeichner, MP, Cambridge

“Ann has been a friend and support to my constituency and its members.  She has been a voice for the traditional left on the NEC in the past and with your votes can be so again.

Anna Coda; Chair, Hereford and South Herefordshire CLP (in a personal capacity) and past parliamentary candidate (three times) for Hereford and South Herefordshire.

“I fully support Ann Black to be on the NEC of the Labour Party where she played a key role.”

Graham Lane, former general secretary, Socialist Education Association

“I have sat with Ann on the S.E. Regional board for many years, and have always found her to be very fair in her discussions, very knowledgeable and very committed to the Labour Party. We have really missed her NEC reports which were informative about what had happened and why, always explaining how she voted. Any questions sent to her were always given a prompt reply. I know if Ann is elected she will work hard for all our members and I will definitely be giving Ann my first vote.”

Cllr Dianne Hill, Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Labour Group and south-east trade union member of the regional board

“There is no greater genuine voice for grassroots members than Ann. Always consistently spoke up for members’ rights providing members with an honest report on what’s really happening on the NEC. Ann is the authentic, effective, socialist grassroots champion and I urge members to support her.”

Jonathan Ashworth MP, shadow health secretary

“I’m endorsing Ann Black because now, more than ever, we need a Labour Party that is fit to fight, and win, elections. Ann’s track record as a previous NEC member speaks for itself. She’s passionate, dedicated and above all, wants a Labour Party that works in the interests of its members. Through her NEC reports, she shows transparency. Through her openness and availability, she shows a willingness to engage with members.

Her desire for a unified Labour Party with both eyes on the main goal of a Labour Government makes her the perfect candidate to sit on our NEC, and I’m proud to endorse her.”

James Barber, Cheshire East Councillor for Broken Cross and Upton

I’m so pleased to see your nomination and endorsements for the NEC. I will wholeheartedly recommend you as someone who is an honest, principled, thoughtful and fearless voice for members.”

Brenda Weston, National Policy Forum member 1998-2020, Labour and Cooperative party councillor