Yearly Archives: 2005

NEC Meeting, 7/8 November 2005

The NEC’s first task was to appoint a new general secretary. Seventeen people had applied and the three shortlisted applicants gave presentations and answered questions, after which Peter Watt was elected in a secret ballot. This time the outcome had not been pre-arranged, and certainly some of us did not make our minds up until […]

NEC at Conference, 25/29 September 2005

The NEC met on Sunday morning to note the contemporary resolutions approved by the conference arrangements committee, and to agree a revised foreword to Building a Party for the Future. Instead of “How quickly can all parties shift to all-member General Committees, with the Executive Committee taking full responsibility for the running of the constituency?” […]

NEC Meeting, 20 September 2005

The NEC always pays tribute to comrades who have died since the last meeting, but rarely have we lost two such significant figures as Mo Mowlam and Robin Cook, and both so young. Mo was praised for helping Neil Kinnock to modernise the party, and transforming the atmosphere in Northern Ireland. Tony Blair remembered Robin […]

NEC Meeting, 19 July 2005

Ian McCartney congratulated Angela Eagle MP on her election to the NEC and welcomed the return of Pete Willsman, replacing Ruth Turner who now works in Number 10. He expressed condolences to all those affected by the 7 July bombs. These were echoed by Tony Blair who said that despite the dominating global headlines, Labour […]

NEC Meeting, 24 May 2005

Ian McCartney welcomed members to the first meeting after the election. Tony Blair has finally appointed Gordon Brown to one of the ministerial places, a pleasing sign that the winning partnership continues. Shahid Malik was congratulated on becoming MP for Dewsbury and is replaced by Louise Baldock, runner-up in the last ballot, and MPs will […]

NEC Meeting, 22 March 2005

The Chair Ian McCartney presented flowers to Helen Jackson, who is retiring, and praised her for building bridges with backbench MPs and women, and on the Britain in the World policy commission. She will be much missed. He wished Maggie Jones and Shahid Malik good luck in Blaenau Gwent and Dewsbury, and if successful at […]

NEC Meeting, 25 January 2005

Election fever is rising, with only Dennis Skinner counselling delay until Labour emerges from the shadow of Iraq. Tony Blair stressed Labour’s strengths as a stable economy, quality public services free at the point of use, and tackling anti-social behaviour, but we needed defences against the Tories on tax, law and order, asylum and immigration. […]