“Ann is the best of the Labour Party. She is fair, transparent, accountable and honest. If it wasn’t for Ann, we wouldn’t have a good picture of what happens on the NEC. Ann is fiercely open-minded and independent, which is exactly what I want in a National Executive Committee member.”

Kerri Prince, Hillingdon Councillor

“Ann Black is a standard bearer of the non-sectarian left in the party who has consistently represented democratic accountability and members’ interests on the NEC from 2000. She consults and listens to the membership and has personally intervened against unfair process on behalf of members in Gloucestershire. A key ability is her independence of mind and sound judgement stemming from core labour and socialist principles on both economic and current social issues. I am proud to call her a friend and comrade.”

John Hurley, Agent 2015 and 2019, Tewkesbury Constituency Labour

“Ann serves on the NEC with diligence and integrity. She has a common sense, thoughtful and open approach. She always reports back. Ann doesn’t use the NEC for political point scoring but puts the Labour Party, and crucially, members first. “

Alex Mayer, former Labour MEP, vice-chair East of England Regional Executive Committee, Chair of South-East Cambridgeshire CLP 

“I will vote for Ann Black for the NEC because I feel she is in touch with the membership and approaches discussion and decisions realistically and sensibly. She has been a positive force for balance and co-operation, much needed at this time.”

Daphne Fox, member, Woodbridge, Suffolk

“The ideal CLP rep on the NEC is a committed activist making decisions based on the best interests of the party, not blindly advancing their faction. That makes Ann Black’s re-election essential.”

David Boothroyd, Chair, Westminster LGC; Westminster city councillor

“Ann is very accessible. She makes herself accountable and gets back to everyone. I find her NEC reports very honest and she really represents the members & asks the right questions. I am delighted to commend her to members. Re-elect Ann to represent us again.”

Judy Hamilton, councillor, Fife council

“As a relatively new CLP Secretary, I’ve probably needed more support than most, often on mundane, procedural matters such as how to deal with a motion once voted on, then submit the resulting resolution. Ann has the well-deserved reputation for being the Go-To person for such instances, and she has never let me down, or made me feel my question is trivial. It seems that everyone knows, respects and admires Ann Black. She replies to emails incredibly quickly too, and provides detailed reports full of good sense. Going forward, Ann is an essential member of the NEC in my view.”

Mary Burgess,  Secretary, Tunbridge Wells CLP

“NEC member representative of CLPs you have done an excellent, supporting and promoting equality, Labour Party policies and taking stand for justice for everyone. Best of luck.”

Mohammed Sharif, councillor and GC delegate

“Ann has always been a true voice for ordinary members and always ensures that decisions are make for the right reasons and not for any factionally motivated reason. Ann is an example of what all Labour Party members should aspire to.”

Peter Curling, councillor and leader of Hillingdon Labour Group

“I’m supporting Ann Black for the NEC.  Ann keeps us informed regularly on NEC business, takes feedback and ideas from members and stands up for local issues and local communities.   Our NEC needs people like Ann, listening, acting and representing us.  I give my full support to Ann Black for Labour’s NEC.”

Councillor Cammy Day, Labour leader, city of Edinburgh

“Ann’s record of being accountable to members is exemplary, her commitment to reporting back to members and being staunchly independent minded is an example to all. That’s why I’m backing Ann for the NEC.”

David Sedgwick, Councillor and Cabinet Member for Citizen Focus and Engagement, Stockport MBC

“I want to keep Ann Black on the NEC both for her sound judgment and positioning on matters critical to the membership, and above all for her outstanding contribution to transparency in her reporting of NEC proceedings which are invaluable.”

Frank Roche, Labour International Ireland branch secretary

“Ann is hard working and can always be relied upon to be a voice of reason in an often sectarian and combative party.  I’d urge everyone to first preference Ann!”

Lauren Davison, Open Labour co-policy officer

“I massively admire Ann’s dedication and commitment to the party and us as members. Her NEC meeting reports are clear & insightful, she is the definition of comradely and I’ll be backing Ann for re-election as an NEC rep for as long as she chooses to stand!”

Simon Jeal, Deputy Leader, Bromley Labour Group

“I’m voting Ann because she has a proven track record of being a hard working member of the NEC. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to representing all members and
uniting the party to ensure we are election ready.”

Georgia Power, Health Scrutiny Chair, Nottingham City Council

“Despite coming from a very different wing of the party I have no hesitation in endorsing Ann. She has dutifully fulfilled her role as a CLP rep on the NEC over many years and has been a constant advocate for secretaries and their members. When local organisers are struggling to be heard it’s important constituencies have a strong voice on the NEC and I can think of no better person to be our representative than Ann.”

Anthony Green, secretary, Finchley & Golders Green CLP

“Ann provides frequent and detailed reports from the NEC which are appreciated by Scunthorpe CLP.”

Adam Foster, Labour Party & GMB Member

“I have received NEC minutes from Ann Black for many years which, in turn, have enabled me to be in touch with LP issues at a national level. She is bi-partisan, fair and acknowledges that she is sometimes in the minority on issues.  I value her “tell it as it is” record of the meetings and have no hesitation in supporting her nomination.”

Gwyneth Cooper, member

“Ann has always been an incredible advocate for ordinary members on the NEC, standing up for us without fear or favour but always with comradely good humour.”

Tom Williams, secretary, Manchester Gorton CLP (personal capacity)

“Ann has a reputation in our CLP of caring and supporting us when we had internal difficulties and were struggling to get party officials to intervene. We are grateful for her involvement at that time.”

Bexhill & Battle CLP

“Ann represents the best of our party. She is fair, reports directly back to members and always has the interests of our party at her heart. I urge everyone to back Ann once again.”

David Meller, Stockport MBC councillor and cabinet member

Ann remains an important voice on the NEC, very much the members representative who tells us like it is and cuts through the factionalism of traditional slates. Her reports are always an honest appraisal and are full of detail to help members understand what transpired. She is Labour to her bones, having served faithfully under five leaders of the Party, she has an excellent grasp of the NEC dynamics.”

Lynn Morris, former Editor for Open Labour, Canterbury & Whitstable CLP 

“Ann can always be trusted to deliver for all members. She is accountable and honest in her reporting. We need that sort of voice on our NEC which is why I’m delighted to endorse Ann.”

James Blackhall, former CLP Youth, Disability and LGBT* Officer

“I really appreciate your reports and support you as an Independent candidate and all that you do for Labour.”

David Dawson ,member, Bury St Edmunds CLP

“I’m wholeheartedly backing Ann Black for re-election to Labour’s NEC. Not only is Ann an invaluable source of information on decisions made by the NEC, but she is also a strong independent, socialist voice on Labour’s national executive.  Ann proudly does not receive the whip of any faction, is fiercely transparent with justifications for every position she takes, and is more than deserving of your vote for CLP representative.”

Alex Greer, Wansbeck CLP and GMB member

You are the only NEC member who regularly keeps us informed of what is happening at the NEC and with large swathes of the country being totally blue due to our voting system you often felt like a beacon of hope and information before we moved to Plymouth. And you always respond to views and listen so we feel involved and that our voice is being heard.

Jenny Budden, member, Plymouth Sutton & Devonport CLP

“It is particularly encouraging that “Open Labour” is supporting Ann Black. For an historic context see Guardian Letters under: “Labour And The Need For A New Political Narrative”.


Mike Allott, member, Winchester CLP

“Ann is a terrific and constructive member of the NEC. She’s always standing up for members but does so constructively. She stands above petty factional performances and is just focused on delivering an effective election winning machine.”

Jamie Benson, member

“Fabulous, Ann is always fair and keeps us in touch with what’s going on. We couldn’t do without her.  Best of luck.”

Andrea Berry, CLP treasurer

“Ann Black is a credit to the Labour Party and would, as she always has, be outstanding in this role. I am delighted to endorse Ann as candidate confident in her ability to fulfill the role and in her support of Keir Starmer, our elected leader.”

David Taylor, CLP officer, branch vice-chair

“I endorse and will be voting for Ann Black to be re-elected onto the NEC. Ann has been very supportive to the Milton Keynes CLP over the years, especially so when she was the NEC representative and I was the Procedures Secretary in 2011 to select our Parliamentary candidates, when we were the first CLP to hold them under a new trial system. Ann works hard representing party members on the NEC and is not beholden to any faction in the Labour Party.  She produces very detailed reports on the NEC meetings and her activities, keeping party members informed, I hope you will consider voting for Ann.   I promise you, you won’t regret it, I never have.”

Brian Barton, Milton Keynes CLP

“I have followed Ann Black’s positions and actions in the Party for many years. She is the
one person who can dilute my frequent despair with the actions (or otherwise) of Head Office. I know how hard she works and gives so much time to the Party.”

Gren Jones, branch membership officer

“I have known and worked with Ann for the last few years. She is by far the best CLP rep on the NEC, the only one who combines robust scrutiny of the leadership on behalf of ordinary members with a determination to win the next election on a radical platform and to democratise the inner workings of the party. Ann has a great track record of promoting openness, honesty, transparency and accountability within the party, when too many people from various factions and unions prefer to deal in secretive backroom stitch ups, excluding ordinary members from decisions and information. Ann has also staunchly supported the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, a campaign that now has the support of approximately 83% of Labour members. Ann has consistently given those members a voice. Please vote for Ann so she can continue her outstanding work on the NEC. We need more CLP reps like her.”

Benj Eckford, Newcastle upon Tyne North CLP, youth officer and North East regional rep of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, writing in a personal capacity.

“Hard working, totally committed to Labour.”

Sue Waller, Chair, Childs Hill and Golders Green ward; Treasurer Barnet LCF

“Best person for the job”

Bon Adcock, member

“Ann’s NEC reports are an invaluable resource for local parties. Ann is very accessible and always ready to help with requests and questions. She is always willing to stick up for local parties and members on the NEC and to fight for internal democracy.”

Harry McCarthy, secretary of Colne Valley CLP

“Her NEC reports are honest and impartial, Ann supports the idea that we need to elect our PPCs earlier for all seats, regardless of whether they are marked as “winnable”. She also supports PR which i am a big fan of. Overall she is a legend.”

Rob Yates,  councillor for Margate Central

“I value Ann’s ability to recognise the deep seated issues that affect the roots of our party, and her commitment to make systems fairer, more equal, and more accessible. I believe the Labour Party is and continue to be a better place for all, with Ann on the NEC.”

Dr Suriyah Bi, member

“Ann’s reports are great. She’s non-factional but not afraid to stand up to inappropriate processes such as retrospective auto-exclusion but also votes on each issue on its own merits. She also responds immediately to our emails.”

Alexander Sim, Chair of the Local Campaign Forum, Hillingdon Labour

“Ann has always been good at communicating and I have received regular news from her.”

Donald Clare, long-serving member, former councillor

“Her diligent reports are honest and informative, for which I am thankful.”

Ron Rose, party member since 1974

“Ann Black has always played a valuable role as a critical friend, whatever the political stance of the Party’s leadership. She has consistently kept members informed of the deliberations of the NEC without which we would be considerably less well informed.”

David Brittin, Political Education Officer, Solihull and Meriden LP

“I have known Ann for 30 years and have admired her collegiate approach, work ethic, transparency and honesty throughout that time. We need to work together to win and Ann has shown us how to do that. If we want power we have to beat the Tories and not factions within the party.”

Paul Dunn, CLP Chair and ex Unison regional secretary

“Ann has been a beacon of hope for the party in a time of relentless factionalism and occasional bureaucracy. Her reports of NEC meetings and close connections with CLPs are invaluable to grassroots activists. As a result, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy in this years’ internal elections.”

Ben Clinton, Peasmarsh Parish Councillor and Bexhill and Battle CLP Youth Officer

“The only member of NEC that I am aware of that reports back to Labour Party members. Despite her workload, Ann always find the time to reply to my emails.”

Joe Kaliszczak, member