Reports of meetings

NEC at Conference, September 2018

by Ann Black on 02.10.18

Party conferences are best judged by those watching at home, so I am interested in your impressions whether or not you were there. The mainstream media were unusually positive, highlighting policies which strike a popular chord on childcare, workers’ rights, green energy and housing, the party relatively united and Jeremy firmly in charge, laying down […]

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NEC Meeting, 18 September 2018

by Ann Black on 20.09.18

 The full NEC election results are  here and showed 506,320 eligible members casting 164,580 votes (118,594 by email and 45,986 by post) with 1,131 invalid or blank, giving 163,449 valid votes and a turnout of 32.5%. The End Is Nigh As I walked up from Victoria station to party HQ for the last time, my […]

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NEC Meeting, 4 September 2018

by Ann Black on 09.09.18

The NEC was preceded by a disputes panel which cleared the cases remaining after two smaller panels had spent twelve hours working through outstanding referrals. The backlog had built up due to pressures on investigating officers, the absence of a Chair for four months, and the failure to convene extra meetings in May and July […]

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NEC Update, August 2018

by Ann Black on 05.08.18

There will be a special NEC meeting on 4 September to discuss the democracy review. Some candidates in the NEC election are saying that Jeremy’s plans “hang in the balance” and could come “down to a single vote”. In fact existing NEC members will decide, as newly-elected representatives only take their positions after conference. So as […]

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NEC Meeting, 17 July 2018

by Ann Black on 19.07.18

Ann Black’s report on the National Executive Committee meeting, 17 July 2018

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NEC Update, 8 July 2018

by Ann Black on 08.07.18

Party Democracy Review, 30 June / 1 July 2018 I was privileged to attend the national consultation events for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) members on 30 June, and for women on 1 July. Katy Clark provided draft documents listing issues where there seemed to be consensus. Discussion was intense, and participants’ views would […]

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NEC Meeting, 22 May 2018

by Ann Black on 04.06.18

Jeremy Corbyn was in Manchester, joining other leaders on the anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing. The Chair Andy Kerr congratulated Shabana Mahmood on completing the London marathon (the last 18 miles with an injured knee), Paddy Lillis on his birthday, and myself on being elected as Chair of the national policy forum. He welcomed […]

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NEC Meeting, 20 March 2018

by Ann Black on 23.03.18

The NEC had to complete business in under four hours because the general secretary interviews were scheduled for 2:30 p.m. This was achieved, but only by skipping questions to Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson and merely noting most of the reports and subcommittee minutes. As usual we began with obituaries, including Stephen Hawking, a lifelong […]

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NEC Committees, 6 March 2018

by Ann Black on 12.03.18

The main NEC subcommittees all meet on the same day, to save on travel and time off work. On 6 March we began with a subgroup of women members, charged with finalising arrangements for this year’s women’s conference. This will be on Saturday 22 September, immediately before annual conference, and we agreed, again, that each […]

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National Policy Forum, 17-18 February 2018

by Ann Black on 20.02.18

This report is not entirely about the NPF (national policy forum) meeting in Leeds, but the meeting was not entirely about the NPF either.  First, a couple of background items: Nailing the Lies Momentum claim that I was responsible for excluding 120,000 members from the 2016 leadership election.  This is false.  The first vote at […]

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NEC Meeting, 23 January 2018

by Ann Black on 25.01.18

Hopes of shorter meetings this year were dashed, and even without a report from deputy leader Tom Watson we continued for more than seven hours. When I joined the NEC in 2000 many papers were tabled on the day, and we had to arrive early to check them for surprises. General secretary Iain McNicol now […]

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NEC Meeting, 26 November 2017

by Ann Black on 10.12.17

The NEC met in Glasgow, welcomed by the new Scottish leader Richard Leonard. After a reception on Saturday evening hosted by Unite we convened at 9 a.m. on Sunday, and congratulated Paddy Lillis on his election as general secretary of USDAW. The membership of NEC committees and policy commissions was agreed. I will continue serving […]

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NEC Update, October 2017

by Ann Black on 31.10.17

The main NEC subcommittees met on Tuesday 31 October 2017, starting at 11 a.m. and running through to 5 p.m. With a four-month gap since the previous meetings in July there was much to discuss, and now that most members attend they have become, in effect, a mini-NEC.  Below are some of the main issues covered. […]

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NEC at Conference, 2017

by Ann Black on 30.09.17

NEC Meeting, Friday 22 September 2017 The NEC met on the eve of conference and looked forward to the week ahead. Of the delegates initially excluded by the cutoff date of 23 June, 43 of the 61 were able to attend. The floor space was packed, and many ex officio attenders including councillors and MPs […]

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NEC Meeting, 19 September 2017

by Ann Black on 21.09.17

Glenis Willmott is coming to the end of her year as Chair, and after another six-hour meeting I am sure she is looking forward to handing on the gavel. She wished Kezia Dugdale well for her future, welcomed Alex Rowley, the deputy leader of Scottish Labour, and joined all NEC members in mourning the loss […]

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NEC Meeting, 18 July 2017

by Ann Black on 24.07.17

The NEC met in unexpectedly good spirits. As one speaker said, we may have lost the election but we certainly won the campaign. From staring into the abyss on 18 April, through 4 May when we lost nearly 400 councillors and trailed by 11% in the national vote, to removing the Tory majority five weeks […]

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NEC, Election Feedback, June 2017

by Ann Black on 11.06.17

Thursday’s results surprised the pollsters, the media and almost everyone really, including me. I complained about local members being directed to Reading East because there was no hope of overturning a Tory majority of 6,520. In fact Labour won, and Matt Rodda is the new MP! So congratulations to returning and newly-elected MPs and thanks […]

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NEC Diary, April / May 2017

by Ann Black on 01.05.17

I was away when the election was called – I mean, what could possibly happen in Easter week? – and have been catching up with meetings, emails and council elections since. Thanks to the wonders of technology I’ve been in on all the relevant discussions, so here is a diary of events during April and […]

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NEC Meeting, 21 March 2017

by Ann Black on 01.03.17

The NEC paid tribute to members who had died recently, including Van Coulter, an Oxford city councillor and activist who was only 57 years old and my neighbour and comrade, a sad loss to us all. Giving his leader’s report Jeremy Corbyn said that good behaviour was important in meetings at every level of the […]

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NEC Meeting, 24 January 2017

by Ann Black on 01.01.17

The NEC has settled back into its usual routine after last year’s turbulence, under Glenis Willmott’s calm and authoritative leadership. She had secured European committee positions for Labour MEPs despite our impending departure, and they were continuing to work on tax avoidance, air quality, zero-hours contracts and rail privatisation. She criticised Theresa May for putting […]

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