Yearly Archives: 2008

NEC Meeting, 17/18 November 2008

This was the traditional annual get-together, with a wide-ranging overview followed by a formal business meeting. The political climate had improved immeasurably since September, after a conference where members made it clear that they expected MPs to unite behind their leader, victory in the Glenrothes by-election, and Gordon Brown taking the initiative at home and […]

NEC Conference Report, 20/24 September 2008

The mood was serious but positive, with delegates sending strong messages to MPs on the need for unity, competent speeches from the platform, and lively discussion in policy seminars and on the fringe. Gordon Brown’s pledges to expand broadband access and extend free prescriptions were welcomed, and John Hutton said of LibDem leader Nick Clegg’s […]

NEC Meeting, 16 September 2008

The meeting started by endorsing the general secretary’s response to requests for nomination forms for the party leader. These have not been issued for eleven years and the last set, circulated early in 1997, stated that if Labour was in government, nominations would be null and void. No MPs complained until recently, and while the […]

National Policy Forum, 25/27 July 2008

This is very much a personal account of the Warwick University meeting, and if I have missed your particular interest, it is because I could not be everywhere at once. In previous cycles the final stage was spread over two weekends, each covering half the policy agenda; this time it was compressed into less than […]

NEC Meeting, 15 July 2008

The prime minister welcomed celebrations to mark the 60th birthday of Britain’s unique national health service. He acknowledged the impact of rising food and fuel prices, but people had to understand the pressures of globalisation, with a growing world population demanding ever-higher living standards. Only progressive policies would get us through difficult times, and benefit […]

NEC Meeting, 12 June 2008

The NEC began by interviewing and appointing Ray Collins as Labour’s new general secretary. With his record of financial and organisational success at the TGWU and his commitment to probity, honest dialogue with government, and rebuilding and re-motivating membership, I am confident that this time we made the right decision. Thanks were recorded to Chris […]

NEC Meeting, 20 March 2008

The Chair Dianne Hayter extended a warm welcome to Labour’s general secretary-elect David Pitt-Watson, the fifth postholder in less than eight years. David was appointed by the full NEC on 10 March, after interviews with the three shortlisted candidates. That meeting agreed by 17 votes to 12 that party staff and recruitment consultants Rockpools should […]

NEC Meeting, 31 January 2008

Back in November the NEC referred Walter Wolfgang’s motion opposing longer pre-charge detention to the crime, justice, citizenship and equalities policy commission, and he was unhappy that it had disappeared into the waffle system. A full report was promised for next time, and the NEC agreed that in future, proposers and seconders of motions would […]